Outpatient Services

In-person and virtual options as well as daytime and evening schedules

The INTER-CARE model focuses on long-term recovery and personal growth.  Our therapeutic approach provides the motivation, support, experience and tools that give our patients the ability to take on life’s daily challenges. INTER-CARE takes pride in providing a safe, caring environment that ensures dignity and confidentiality.

INTER-CARE is guided by Nicholas R. Lessa, MA, LCSW, CASAC, the facility’s Chief Executive Officer, with a staff of an addiction medicine physician, mental health counselors, social workers, credentialed addiction specialists, and medical personnel.

Our multidisciplinary team has been trained in a variety of innovative treatment approaches including Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), twelve-step philosophy and addiction medicine.


This eight-to twelve week educational program was developed for those who do not meet criteria for a substance use disorder, but who have exhibited signs of at-risk substance use. Participants include: first-time positives on employer drug tests; employees in safety-sensitive positions; DWI referrals; and individuals who are resistant to treatment. Motivational strategies and standardized drug and alcohol assessment tools are used in therapeutic workshops to educate and increase the awareness of the personal consequences of continued usage.

EARLY RECOVERY SERVICES (2 to 3 days per week)

This program was created for individuals seeking support in abstaining from substance use that is less demanding of their time than an intensive outpatient program. Members attend two group therapy sessions a week, facilitated by a trained mental health clinician, as well as periodic individual counseling and weekly drug testing. Members gain insight into the nature and severity of substance use disorder, learn relapse prevention skills, and give and receive feedback and support. Individuals may also supplement group therapy with a weekly workshop such as DBT to enhance their knowledge of specific coping skills.  Individuals are encouraged to attend Early Recovery for a minimum of twelve weeks and then may consider advancing to specialty or other recovery services to fit their changing needs.


This is an intensive 6- to 10-week program of rehabilitation offering group counseling, psychoeducation, periodic individual counseling and drug testing, with a focus on recovery and relapse prevention.  Members attend three group therapy sessions and up to three skill-building workshops per week over a four day period. Individuals learn a structured curriculum of coping tools derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Smart Recovery, while gaining insight, feedback and support from their peers. IOP members also have the option of attending in-person 12-step meetings held at INTER-CARE’s Manhattan and Westchester offices. IOP helps individuals who are in need of a high level of support build a foundation of recovery as they contend with the ups and downs of life.  Upon IOP program completion, individuals continue on to Phase 2 or a similar recovery service to enhance and implement the relapse prevention and personal growth strategies learned in IOP.


Our full-time medical department is overseen by an addiction medicine physician who is experienced in the medication management of patients with Substance Use Disorder. Every patient at INTER-CARE is encouraged to cultivate optimal mental and physical health to facilitate long-term recovery. Our medical department also prescribes and administers evidence-based Medication Assisted Therapies (MAT) such as naltrexone, Vivitrol and Antabuse to reduce drug and alcohol cravings and prevent relapse. Many people who have Substance Use Disorder also have other co-occurring psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and more. Successfully managing these mental health issues is essential to preventing relapse and achieving recovery goals.  As part of our program, every patient has the opportunity to meet with our medical providers for a mental health evaluation, medication management and to discuss the use of MAT. Our Medical department also provides disability- related evaluations, second opinions, gap prescription refills, coordination of care with outside psychiatrists/therapists and other essential services.


Phase 2 Groups
This twice weekly group therapy program supports those who have accumulated 2 to 4 months sobriety, often through INTER-CARE’S IOP or Early Recovery programs. These individuals are highly motivated to maintain long-term sobriety and are interested in a high level of support and accountability, including regular urine testing.

Phase 3 Groups
This once a week group therapy program 
supports those who have accumulated 6 to 12 months of sobriety and reached the maintenance phase in the stages of change.  These individuals are committed to lifelong recovery and value group therapy as part of their ongoing support network.

Dialectical Behavior
Therapy (DBT) Workshop This weekly group workshop offers a nonjudgmental, problem-solving environment to practice core skills. You will learn to anticipate potential drug-using cues or triggers and then proactively prepare responses to high-risk situations that otherwise might derail your recovery efforts. Each group session focuses on learning one core skill from four key DBT areas  (Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal Relationships). Skills are taught by the DBT therapist, and then are applied by group members to their lives. Exercises are practiced in the group for easier application between sessions.

Dual Diagnosis Group
This program provides an integrated treatment approach for those seeking treatment for both substance use and psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Groups meet twice weekly and may be overseen by INTER-CARE’s psychiatric/ addiction medical professionals for medication management. Participants are expected to have additional weekly individual psychotherapy sessions as an adjunct to this program and many participants also see an outside psychiatrist, with whom we may coordinate care.

Early Recovery Professionals Group - VIRTUAL A.M. Session
This service is for professionals seeking a program for support in abstaining from problem substance use. These individuals attend a professionally facilitated group therapy twice a week in the early morning, before the rush of the work day gets started.


INTER-CARE strongly encourages the family to participate in the treatment process. While a patient is proceeding with treatment, we involve other family members in a parallel process that enriches and promotes recovery for all. Through individual and couples counseling, family therapy, significant-other groups and an Family Education workshop, the family begins to:

• Understand substance use disorders and its impact on the family
• Closely examine relationships, attitudes and patterns of behavior
• Develop new and better ways to communicate
• Enjoy personal growth and changes in lifestyle


INTER-CARE believes that substance use disorders often can be a symptom of underlying trauma. As a complement to our program services, INTER-CARE provides direct referrals to collaborating providers for trauma therapies such as Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), Eye Movement and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, Grief Counseling, and other relevant ancillary services.

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